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Cocktail d'Actifs Regenerants

Cocktail d'Actifs Regenerants

Face Care

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Chock-full of vitamins and active ingredients derived from cutting-edge biotechnology, this cocktail provides multi-benefit results, even in the case of the most devitalized Skin Instants©.

It activates cellular regeneration, protects against the harmful effects of free radicals and boosts the skin's protective functions while improving epidermal moisture and tone.

How to use

1. Apply half a bottle to the face, neck, and décolleté.
2. Repeat application the next morning.


Water (aqua), thiamine diphosphate, pyridoxine, tocopherol, riboflavin, inositol, cyanocobalamin, calcium pantothenate, folic acid, asparagine, glycine, methionine, leucine, lysine, ornithine, serine, valine, taurine, tyrosine, potassium chloride, sodium phosphate, adenosine cyclic phosphate, guanosine, cytosine, glutathione, biotin, menadione, arginine, aspartic acid, threonine, phenylalanine, thymine, tryptophan, isoleucine, ascorbic acid, coenzyme a, alanine, niacinamide, thiamine nitrate, histidine, magnesium sulfate, hydroxyproline, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, glutamic acid, glutamine, aminobutyric acid, cystine, copper tripeptide-1, calcium chloride, proline, retinol, disodium flavine adenine dinucleotide, oligopeptide-24, decapeptide-4, acetyl decapeptide-3, tripeptide-6.

Application Area

Face, neck, and décolleté.


  • Reduces and prevents the appearance
    of fine lines and wrinkles by activating
    cellular regeneration and stimulating
    collagen and elastin production.
  • Illuminates the complexion, giving it
    vitality and energy.
  • Its antioxidant action helps protect the radicals.
    skin from harmful effects of free
  • Boosts the skin’s protective functions.
  • Improves the hydration and tone of the epidermis.
  • Makes skin smoother.

Item type

Targeted Serums

Skin Concern

Devitalized and deficient

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