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B.R Skincare Cooler Beauty mini-fridge

B.R Skincare Cooler Beauty mini-fridge

Skin Care

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Ideal for cabine use, the Skincare Cooler offers an immediate "cryo" experience. This compact and adjustable mini fridge preserves formulas and increases the longevity of products.

It brings a soothing and decongestant action to sensitive and swollen Skin Instants.

How to use

1.Place the device on a flat, stable surface and connect it.
2. Set the temperature of the appliance to 10°C (50°F) by pressing one of the two arrows, until the temperature
starts to flash.
3. Integrate the Biologique Recherche products recommended in the Skincare Cooler User Guide.
4. Your Skincare Cooler is ready to use.


Application Area


  • Helps maintain the freshness of formulas for an extended period
  • Prevents bacterial growth and delays the oxidation process
  • Controls skin sensitivity by lowering skin temperature
  • Increases the stimulation o fmicrocirculation for an effective decongestant effect
  • Relieves heavy legs instantly

Item type


Skin Concern

Sensitive and swollen

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